I was the only designer on the project, working closely with the project team based out of Champaign, Illinois.  


Create a custom reporting solution to build reports across platforms, products and with multiple filters. - Update primary dashboard screen to communicate metrics more effectively.



I was the only design asset available to work on this project so I had to wear multiple hats for the project - research, interaction and visual design. For the custom reporting solution, I worked closely with the project manager to identify what the feature requests were and what the rationale was behind them.

User Research
I also set up some interviews with users of the Digits platform (across different roles) to better understand what kind of reports they were currently building and what they wanted to build but could not support through the UI. There were several cases where users were directly querying our data pipeline to extract re- ports for specific questions they had.
I identified that a lot of the requests were based around the ability to build cross platform reports and re- ports that allowed users to specify multiple assets at the same time. Users also wanted to specify multiple metrics and dimensions at the same time which the current UI did not support.

Custom Reports - Sketches, wires and multiple iterations
Based off of this information, I recommended a solution that allowed users to build a complex query with the ability to
- specify multiple metrics and dimensions
- easily browse through and select multiple assets across different channels
- export report to multiple file formats like CSV and JSON
- view the rendered report within the UI in a tabular format.
I also made some recommendations on graphing for the rendered data before I moved to another project.

The Custom Report solution is currently in production and is actively used within Yahoo to gather critical in- sights into the health of the business and specific properties. I also made several other updates to the tool including but not limited to
- updating the dashboard screen (information card hierarchy, categorization and organization)
- updated filter actions
- updated help modules.